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The way you read an space has a strong relation
to the way the structure expresses itself.
Disturbing space comes from the idea of hiding the
way that big and heavy volumes holds in the air.
First unpredictable: this structure is not cantilevered,
but supported on the facades.
Second: long span is not a problem with 4m tall beams,
but 20x20m flat roofs and floor yes they are.
Third:facade mesh express non-ordered scheme 
Fourth: top storey steel beams lines.

structural engineers: NB35 - Alejandro Bernabeu
software: SAP2000 + CYPECAD
max. size. elements 25cms
matrix rigid method
structural scheme of the big concrete beams,
with interior core managing 3/4 parts of the
UN- predictable sistems:
Facade mesh has to support horizontal
tensions, and the lines are displayed through
the whole volume to avoid a direct read of
structural triangle elements, hiding the way
it works and emphasizing the idea of continuity
around the space.

UN- predictable sistems:
roof steel beams are designed on a double scheme
that allows the air ducts to move freely in the upper
plan. Algorithm of the lines modifys the flux of loads.