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Yes, two buildings into one.
A dance school and a Museum.
aceboxalonso defined a proposal to build one single volume that includes itself two different programs.

dance school program is organized INTO the white body. Museum inhabits the space ON the school, between the white body and the abstract cubic volume. That means the project is divided in two spaces that do not see at each other.

Dance School building works as a speciallized-storey volume, with different programs each box, keeping  areas out of contact in order to avoid noise problems.

Then comes the global volume to close, first with a steel mesh and then with glass.

Propierties of the surface on the global volume became a hard point to decide. Glass, but many questions came with it.

First solid poliester model. Refraction effect becames interesting to us and decided to explore it.

Solid model made of coloured poliester. Refraction effect unit by unit.

First test of interior ilumination.